St Cybi’s – The Healing Well

Llangybi Church site of the sacred St Cybi's Well

St Cybi’s Well, near Llangybi in Gwynedd, North Wales,  is a CADW listed historic, sacred site. It’s associated with the 6th century saint St Cybi who lived on the Isle of Anglesey. It’s a sacred place of pilgrimage and healing, made popular in medieval times, the continues to attract people up to the present day.

St Cybi's Well, a sacred place to visit on a pilgrimage in North WalesMedieval treatments may have lasted several days and would have consisted of both bathing in and drinking the well water – hopefully not at the same time!

It was said to cure a variety of conditions including blindness, lameness, scurvy, warts and rheumatism. An earlier legend attributes it to having a large eel deep in the waters which could surface and wrap itself around a pilgrim’s legs. This was thought to aid healing!

Next to the Well are the remains of a Pilgrim Shelter where those looking for healing would have slept and kept warm.

The hill behind St Cybi’s Well is an ancient hill fort. It is associated with a story about a local boy and his friendship with the fairies who played with him on that hill. The boy was called Guto Bach. He would disappear and play with his fairiy friend for long periods of time, but when he reappeared no time had elapsed for his family. His parents warned him not to go again on his own. Following this his family came to financial ruin after a ship was lost at sea.

There is a legend of treasure being hidden under a large rock on Garn Bentyrch and his father enlisted all the local labourers and horses to try and move the stone. It would not budge. Guto Bach asked his fairy friends for help. They told him he could move the stone himself and reveal the treasure beneath. With just a touch of his hand the vast bolder rolled away revealing the hidden treasure that restored his family to wealth again.

Garn Bentyrch a sacred site in Gwyned,d North Wales
Sacred hill fort of Garn Bentyrch, Gwynedd North Wales

You can climb the hill from the holy well through beautiful old woodland and up onto the fort. The climb is a little steep in places, but can be made easily enough in the region of 15 to 20 minutes.

Parking may be possible beside the beautiful old Llangybi church. Or you can park just outside the village on the verge near the footpath sign to the well. You can also access the well by walking through the church yard. Near the main entrance way to the church is an ancient inscribed stone.

This is a favourite and regular site of pilgrimage for us, being located just a 10 minute drive from the Hermitage of the Awakened Heart.