Sacred Sites of Wales

Sacred Welsh landscape and how modern spiritual practitioners can engage with it, through ritual and pilgrimage, is our inspiration for creating this web page. It is dedicated to the places that have captivated us and brought us into relationship with this ancient and sacred landscape. We hope this page provides an inspiration to those looking to access the living mythical realm available today in our Welsh landscape.

We are the Awakened Heart Sangha, part of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Our founder, Lama Shenpen Hookham made her home near Criccieth, Gwynedd in 2003. She founded a Buddhist meditation and retreat centre here and called it “The Hermitage of the Awakened Heart”. We are dedicated to honouring and empowering this sacred space.

Here you can read about our mythical journey to finding our Buddhist home in Gwynedd, North Wales, the building of our Buddhist Stupa – the centre of our sacred space, and our regular pilgrimages to Welsh holy sites. Through our activity here, we seek to honour the ancient spiritual traditions of Wales and to build connections of meaning and trust with this beautiful landscape.

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Carnguwch Church & the Tickling Stick

The Church and surrounding cemetery has a very peaceful feel and I would say one that is similar to that of St. Tudwen’s church. A sense of the feminine and a deep sense of love and compassion. Sitting in the churchyard, looking up to Mynydd Carnguwch and listening to the sounds of the river Erch below is a wonderful place to meditate.

Huw Llwyd’s Pulpit

Huw Llwyd is a legendary figure in Welsh history and literature. He is is known to have lived between 1568 and 1630 and his house – Cynfal fawr still stands in the Cynfal valley near Llan Ffestiniog.

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